Sunday, June 20, 2010

Darkness and Light are Like Cookies n' Cream!

Why is it that when we see others, their darkness stands out more than their light? In reality, isn't it that we can see the light more vividly than we notice the dark? I've heard that if one was in utter darkness, a black plain, moon-less, star-less, the lack of light so thick that it's like black velvet pressed to the eyes, that even in that light-less night, a person can see a lit candle from a mile away. If that's true, why is it we can't see people in the same (excuse the pun) light?

I mean, if I look at someone who has broken my trust, I just see the broken trust and the possibility of that trust further broken. Or if another has committed a crime, I only see that crime.

Now, this isn't always true. It comes down to pain and the magnitude of the fault. But that's still a major part that I see... Love covers it. But the problem is getting to the point of love.

Yes, we're supposed to love each other, but because we're imperfect, we can't seem to The other has to prove him/herself "worthy" of it. :-/

I don't know. Just seems kinda sad that seeing someone, we see what's wrong faster than we see what's right....

If anyone can give me a hint as to why this happens, it'd be greatly appreciated.... Thanks.


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