Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Forever... in the Blink of an Eye

I think I have discovered why people in love are able to spend the rest of their lives together. :)

For them, those decades upon decades together? Their time together is only a fraction of those multiple decades.

So "the rest of their lives together" only passes in the blink of an eye for them. ;)

I speak from experience. I'll spend an hour and a half with DJ, and I'll be left asking where the time went. When he and I spend 12+ hours together, I feel like it's only been half a day.

I know. I sound gushy. But I just got to thinking today after spending some time with DJ (and Ryan and Scott, later) how, after an hour and a half, I felt like we hadn't seen much of each other.

It's a nice feeling. (Not the "haven't seen much of each other" feeling. The feeling that you love someone so much that even forever isn't long enough to be together.) ^.^

I just had to get my discovery out. I wanna read about your personal stories, though. :D



Queni said...

nIcE bLoG!!

The Adopted Anyone said...

Unfortunately, I don't get to spend as much time with the one I love, but when we do spend time together, it goes by so quickly. Even doing something as lame and watching t.v. or a movie for a couple of hours, it still just flies by.