Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Glimpse into my Future

So a week ago (or whatever day my last post before these past two days was), I was blogging. I had seen my future in that day that I was posting. My faithful, loving cat Cali (pictured in the post below this one) was draped halfway across my lap, my laptop also on my lap, while I was contemplating and sharing my ideas.

It has always been an interest of mine to write when I'm older, though I never knew in what capacity. But now that I'm trying to blog more, I know that this is probably how I'll be writing.

There's a chance writing will somehow be part of my career. But for myself, I will most likely be blogging.

I've tried to keep up a paper journal, using ink and tears. (Some pages have words running together because of my tears having dropped on to the pages as I leaned over the notebook I was writing in.) However, I forget about my paper one more, or I just find it easier to type than write, or something like that. I'm not sure. So yeah. I think blogging is a little more successful (especially as of late) in how consistently I write. (But maybe I'm short-sighted, since this is only my second week of a more common strain of writing.)

Well, thanks for keeping up with me and my ramblings, by the way.


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