Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why I Write

Hey... Second post of the evening... I guess I'm starting to make a habit of that, huh? Don't write for a week or more, then write up-ways of 2 or 3 posts a day.... (Unless it's nearing midnight; then it might be one post one day and my second, third, fourth.....on the second day.)

I'm writing this post because I'm explaining (for myself and others) why I write.

That's reason 1: I write so that I can get a gauge on my thoughts and how they go. So I admittedly write for my own benefit of figuring out my world myself.

Reason 2: I write because I want people to read what I have to write and to hear what I have to say. I write because I want to be known. I want my opinions to have made an impact and I want how I word my opinions to be quoted in speeches and in statuses and in journals and wherever else words can be quoted.

Reason 3: I write so that maybe I can correspond with another deep thinker. (Okay... That sounded cocky... >.>) Maybe I'm really just a shallow thinker but like to pretend otherwise because I haven't been able to discover a different (or true) talent... Either way, I write because I want people that I hold in esteem like Stephen Christian and the guys from Anberlin to read my stuff and think, "Wow! We need to meet with this chick and talk in some stuffed chairs with coffee (or tea, respectively) in hand, our tattered but otherwise whole in metaphor journals scattered over little tables-for-two or on our laps, picking apart the world and all the topics in it like life, love, happiness, and their opposites, religion, people, etc." Except maybe less long-winded?
Do you know that I wish I could just go have lunch with my philosophy professors Dr. Brown or Dr. Lillegard just so I could pick their brains and discuss all kinds of topics??

I know you didn't. But... it's a thought I can't help having all the time...

Or... another thing? Books: I would love to read a book like Fahrenheit 451 or A Clockwork Orange or Technopoly and just talk about all the things I noticed and, in turn, hear about all the things my friend noticed.

Are these thoughts too unlikely? Are they too weird or too personal for such relationships as teacher/student?

I've thought about emailing my philosophy professors or my favorite English teacher Mrs. Peters numerous times this summer just wanting to get their ideas on a thought or subject. Is that too abrasive?

My parents (Mum, Dad, Ms. Sindy (she's such a close family friend, she's like a second mum) said that my thoughts are teachers' dreams: a student so interested in books and thinking and thoughts of others that the student wants and seeks more from a teacher or professor outside of the classroom.

I can see what they mean.

But do I take it too far in my wishes? Or am I just paranoid with all that goes on in today's world?

I just wish that my reason 2 and 3 would actually bear fruition, and I wish that I could actually have that world-dissecting discussion with Anberlin's members or my philosophy professors or Mrs. Peters...


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kyki said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting. :) I agree with you totally: technology is problem-laden and impossible to fix, yet now completely necessary because its become so heavily-integrated into our society that we're very dependent on it.

Your writing is very unique and interesting to read!

- xo, kyki ♥