Saturday, August 21, 2010

About Me

All right. So I have this massive message typed out in my "About me" space. I'm proud of what I wrote, but I'm bored of it. Plus, it's a million miles long and I doubt newcomers care enough to read that much! haha! (I completely understand!)

So! I am posting it here because, at least, here, it will still exist, even if I've deleted it from other places, too. And it's pretty much a forever testament about myself, no matter how many years have passed. That oughta count for earning its keep somehow, right? :) Anyway. Here's my "about me" section.

Over the past six years, life has been a rather crazy coaster. Over the past four years, I have become less shy; much more self-confident; maybe even a little more proud of who I am (self-esteem); I have fallen in love, and out of love; gained maturity, rejected maturity; I have grown closer to God and then completely lost sight of Him so that I felt like an atheist; I have gained friends, lost friends, and regained some that I've lost; I've seen who I can be at my worst, what my potential for my best is, and I know that I don't ever have to be in either place alone (and am not!); I have felt so alone that death seemed the only way out, and then felt so loved that life seemed the only thing that mattered; I have felt utter hopelessness, complete vulnerability, absolute destitution; I have felt happiness beyond words, extraordinarily bursting with love, so enriched with hope that nothing seemed to bring me down; I have been across the globe without ever leaving my bedroom, and I have been no further than my own predicament in the same place; I have been me and I have been a shadow of someone or many someones; but through it all, I know who I am and I continue to find it out the more I grow, the more I learn, and the more I mature.

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KellyCan'tBehave. said...

This is lovely, very true of the journey that life brings with all the good and bad coming along with it.