Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Philosophy: Well, If That Ain't the Death of Me....

So I absolutely am in love with philosophy. Okay. First off, I mean, the word! It just rolls off the tongue like a beautiful swell of music! Second, break down the word into its individual parts and their meanings: "philo" means 'love' and "sophy" means 'wisdom'. So together it means "love of wisdom." Now if that just isn't cool enough, then how's this. It's thinking! It's a search for what everything is or means or if it exists and why! I mean, how cool is that! Furthermore: you're allowed to have a DEBATE! How AWESOME!

Now, all that said, philosophy is one of my majors for college. (The other is English because I have to have something with "occ-u-paaa-tions." *eyeroll* Apparently, just doing something you love doesn't count for squat even anymore. How pathetically sad... But that's another post...) Anywho. So I have had 2 of the coolest professors (in their own unique ways) and the third coolest is my sensei for Japanese. The first two are philosophy professors, though.

Philosophy professors are humorous. Similar to the portrayal of brilliant physicists and other such scientists, these two are somewhat absent-minded. (Sadly, not enough for students to get away with no homework... But whatever.) However, the reason they're absent-minded is because they're always thinking about different aspects of the world. Whether we have souls, whether there is such thing as black and white for right and wrong, and a slew of other things that I don't feel like thinking up. ;-P

Speaking of thinking: I love thinking. Yes, I can be to lazy to want to think, like right now for philosophy thought topics. But when I'm not too lazy, I love daydreaming and planning half-baked futures and figuring out the puzzles of the world and the puzzles of people and the puzzles of my beliefs and the puzzles of me. I love thinking. My head hurts rather often it seems and maybe my thinking is why. I use my brain a lot. (I will say that I am more "book smart" than "street smart," though, so I may seem to have little common sense. I also don't tend to think before I act, which is bad.) ((I need to learn when it's better to just act as opposed to thinking and when it's better to think as opposed to acting... I get those mixed up far too often...)

The basis for my writing all of this is that I am beginning to listen to a lecture class from Yale that a professor posts online. It's about death, so the topic can be morbid, admittedly, but whatever. Philosophy is amazing and I want to listen to others opinions on things, even if I don't agree with them. (Yes, I don't do that well in a fight with someone... Which is why I am trying to work on that. And also, by listening to another's argument, one can figure out points for his/her own view that can counteract the other's point.)

Here's the link to a blog by Stephen Christian focused around this series of online-posted lectures. Death to Yale! (Philosophy)

Well, I love philosophy and I love thinking and I love hearing about other people's ideas on the world. Please share your ideas!


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