Friday, August 20, 2010

Umm... Advice Blog-umn? (Get It? "Blog-umn = Blog+Column?")

So, Beautiful... I've been umm... toying with this idea.... Maybe I've not been considering it as honestly and fully as I should... And this close to school where I may not have time? It might end up crashing and burning... But... Well, I'll tell you my idea first.

What do you think of me starting an advice column/blog thing? (The title gave it away, I bet.)

However, I'm being sincere in my inquiry... :/

I'm really nervous about the idea: afraid no one will take it seriously, afraid no one will read it, afraid no one will send in requests (that'd be the biggest problem!), afraid that I'll give someone the wrong advice.

I am not looking to take on problems of the world or politics or something. Just... well, I don't know. Relationship stuff or school stuff or just stuff like "My day sucks. Any thoughts?" type stuff.

I know you're probably thinking "The best thing is to just try it and see where it leads." I agree. Or at least, I can see where you'd be coming from.

Yet, that's where YOU beautiful readers come in: you could be my first takers.

Actually, there's a number of things that I'd need help with. Like: should it be weekly, bi-weekly, bi-weekly as in twice a week (the previous being once every other week), what should it be called, would I do different categories at different times (alternating between relationship and another topic or just doing one topic or what?), sending me questions about things, and I'm sure a few other things.

So the success of this little....endeavor of mine rests on the shoulders of such lovely people as yourselves. I guess there's some things I'm asking, then.

1) Should I do this?
2) Would you guys send in questions?
3) Would you read what I have to write about above-mentioned questions?
And 4) what would you suggest for the other questions (weekly, name, categories,...)?

I know. I'm probably adding more stress to my own shoulders when I should be focusing on school. In my defense, though, if I can make this work? It'll be something that I can put on my resume alongside my B.A. in English. It'll be experience (though not necessarily published) that I can say I have, if I can get a large enough following and enough interest in this idea.

So what do you guys, beautiful as you all are!, say? :D Just leave comments. They'd be GREATLY appreciated!

Have a beautiful day!



Anonymous said...

I think it is a good idea, but I am not sure that I would send questions - mostly because I just rant and then I feel better, lol. But if I needed advice on something then I would. I think you should write it as often as you have a question - like if at first you don't have many questions, just write as often as you get them. Obviously if you end up getting 10 a day or something, you will have to pick and choose. If that happens, then I would say that twice a week is good.

Fickle Cattle said...

Go for it. :-)