Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding Plans in the Works!

Okay. So I'm 19 now. Many will think that rather young to start planning a wedding, while others will think I'm behind on the whole thing! Either way, the point of this post is to start a list of ideas that I plan to put into use when I actually get married. I've found the guy; now to just get through college and get the money for the beautiful day. :)

Anyway. Right now, the list is rather small, and over time, I'll either update this post, or will post more ideas. The first idea is that I want to have my hair long again like in the picture to the right.

Long. :) With it long, I'll either have a half-up/half-down look, with curls and real flowers tucked into the lavish waves. Or I'll have it mostly up with some loopy curls hanging from the up-done do, also probably with real flowers. *Flowers are as yet undetermined.

The look would be along the lines of one of these...  (And since I'm brunette, (as seen in my prom picture) I'd be choosing the lighter colored flowers: white lilies, pale pink/white cherry blossoms, etc.

Another definite idea is that I want to marry under an arch and the arch will have branches of Japanese cherry blossoms attached. Real, living Japanese cherry blossoms. Because I have never smelled anything so fantastically intoxicating or delicious! Unfortunately, I can't really give a picture of what the arch would look like, but here's a picture of Japanese cherry blossoms.

Aren't they beautiful?? Anyway. That's what I've got so far. My dress? I'm hoping that my love (who is so handsomely pictured above with me) will be able to have his sister Bri design and make me a dress. But I would love to have it look almost like a waterfall. Embroidered designs (or SOME thing that will have a more concentrated effect) will be pooled around the neckline on the back of my dress around my shoulders or wherever. From there, the designs will trickle to my waist, where again, the designs will become more concentrated as if pooling right above my bum. Then to the train that will be maybe 2 feet? where again the designs will pool. The idea is that the designs will come to look like water falling from the top of my dress, collecting at my waist, then resting at the end of my train. Nifty, huh?? :D

Anyhow. That's what I've come up with so far! If you know me, then maybe you could give me some pointers! It's just for the look right now. So catering, cost, invites, etc., I've not thought about. I'm just thinking about the way everything will look. :-P

Well, that's it for now!



r e n e e said...

flowers in your hair! that would be so pretty!

i think of elves in the lord of the rings. :3

Emily said...

Oh my goodness! I love the elves! (For the past week or so, I've been kinda wishing I had the willpower and drive to learn Elvish (because I saw the movie "17 Again" with Zac Efron in it).) And I think of the elves, too, minus the drop-dead gorgeousness. hahaha! XD