Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Also... Am I a Murderer?

I know that's a weird title, but it's a serious question, philosophically speaking... I'm NOT LITERALLY a murderer! (Watch... Now, I'm gonna have the government and law enforcement giving me background checks and profiling me or something... >.> (Is it weird if I think that's cool?? o.o))

Anyway. It's a question I put as a status on Facebook before... "So when you break a heart so completely, does that make you a murderer? If you destroy their heart, do you not destroy them too? Where's the justice in my act?"

I think it's a valid question. I mean, think about it... We say that the body is not the person, the mind/heart/soul is the person...

So when I broke DJ's heart (and if you had been there..... I'm gonna start crying just thinking about it...), didn't I destroy him? He recovered, and he and I are back together (with DJ having a massive "scar" "on" his "heart"). So he's not dead.

But.... oh my goodness.... If someone's heart is broken and pretty much trampled on.... what does that make the trampler?

I'm extraordinarily confused tonight... Can you tell? >.>



The Seeker. said...

Hello! I just now received your comment on my blog...I'm not sure which comment you're referring to, but thank you! Great question, also. We all have blood on our hands in the end.

Emily said...

It was a comment on Stephen Christian's "safe couch" for clarification.

And thanks. I guess we do, huh? :/