Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Follow Up From the Last Latest Post and Added Thoughts

Okay. This might sound a bit rant-ish, just as a warning. I don't want it to be, but I apologize if it slips into such tone.

Anyway. I have been thinking some... First off, I've recently (as in within the last few months) discovered that when I get hyper, I don't bounce off the walls and sit there bouncing in my sit or whatever. I might wiggle my foot restlessly or drum my fingers, but what I for sure do? Talk. Oh my goodness, how I talk. x.x I talk so much my mouth gets dry! I realize that must be extraordinarily annoying for people since I can't seem to keep my thoughts straight when I speak, and I seem to just hash a point so much by repeating myself a number of times. *sigh* It's bad.... But at least I'm loved despite that flaw. :3

But another thing I got to thinking about while I've been following my line of thought of how verbose I am?

No one has the time for it anymore.

Not literally, though, which is the weird thing. This sorta stems from the whole argument of "we keep inventing things that save us time to only end up with less time on our hands." (If you're not sure what I'm talking about, think about it some... I mean, we have fast food, fast service, over-night shipping, email, texting, cars that accelerate 0-60mph in a matter of seconds, interstates, instant coffee, instant tea, instant dinners, instant entertainment, and so on. (This is not to say that I don't use all this stuff myself or that I don't enjoy the speedy access to such things!) But I don't know... I mean, we've been given access to all these things. Food used to take hours of pre-preparation before one could even start preparing to make the food.... Milk had to be begotten from cows and eggs had to be gathered and butter had to be churned and wheat had to be ground. That was just the pre-preparation. Then the actual prep was getting the dough made just to wait for it to rise. Then hours in an oven for the bread to bake. That kind of thing. Now we just hop in our speedy cars and nab a loaf from the Kroger down the block or the gas station 5 minutes away. (Assuming one doesn't live in the more rural areas of their hometowns.) Anyway. So basically. We've got bread that doesn't take as long to come by, and messages that only take seconds to be sent and received, and places that can be reached in under an hour when by horse it might have taken 3/4th's of a day. But we are slowly having less time for things. Person A: "Wanna come by this evening for some coffee and conversation?" Person B: "No time. Gotta do/go/buy/get blah blah blah..." We don't stop moving... Anyway. Back to my original thought. Sorry for the digression...)

Not literally, though, which is the weird thing. This sorta stems from the whole argument of "we keep inventing things that save us time to only end up with less time on our hands." But the amount that I write and I speak is novels and speeches compared to the instant messages and 30 second advertisements...

This isn't to say I'm NOT verbose. I very much so am! I mean, take the examples from below for most of my blog posts. Heck! Even in this one, I have that digression above. I mean, "Hell's bells...." as my favorite character Harry Dresden would say...

But it's just.... back then in the 1800s or something, people would have had time for it all, ya know? Sure the chatting would have been done while churning the butter for an hour, or while 30 or 45 minutes were spent milking the cow... But even back then, when they worked from sun up to sun down, it seems they had more time.

Again, I realize I am verbose. I repeat myself a lot and I talk in circles the rest of the time. So, even though this post is about me and myself as an example, it's kinda a remark on the whole of society and its paradoxical (and, quite frankly, enigmatic) lack of time for anything.

Well, my thoughts are straying, which means there's a threat this'll be longer. (Ironic that I'm trying to shorten this so as not to waste people's time while commenting on people's lack of time for verbose-ness....) Toodles, my friends. :)


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