Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Your aim will be knowledge and wisdom, not the reflected glamour of fame. "

--Abbott L. Lowell

Two topics on my mind: first, William Shatner's newest show that'll be airing on A&E. And our president.

Starting with the show: I don't remember the.... eh, nevermind. I think it's "Aftermath" or something. Whatever. Anyway. The concept of the show is that William Shatner is interviewing convicted criminals like the 17 (now 24 or 25) years old second shooter for the DC sniper and some others. Now, I am not against the idea of hearing the stories of these people after they have been serving time or have had time pass since their crimes. (I'm not sure if the people will always be in jail, will always be killers, and so thus the wishy-washy wording above.)

However, I don't agree with the fact that these people are being glamorized... It's just... what these people did was not something that is supposed to make them stars. But that's what they've become... They're given nicknames which makes them memorable names which can make them household names and now they're being given a second chance at the lime light...

Like I said, I think it'll be helpful to hear what they have to say after the fact of their crimes, and it'll be.... for lack of a better word, "intriguing." But also, like I said, I don't want these people to be glamorized... Crimes now are not "punished;" they are elevated to stardom, given "three square meals a day and a bed," and basically just given a free home with only small living space being the problem. Not fair...

Okay. Second topic: I might get some hate mail for this, but I strongly dislike our president. I think he has utterly ruined our nation's foundations, blinded us by glamour and charisma so that he could make us begin forgetting our natural rights, and is on a power trip that needs to be brought to an end immediately.

I can't help but start crying thinking about how heinously he has perverted our country. He has taken a system that has been in place for a while and turned it on its head. He has made it OKAY for people to be lazy. He has caused my grandkids (which I won't even have until 40 years from now!) to have debt even before they were thought about. And there are so many other things...

It's just so saddening that we LET this happen!! I am going to be hated but I think the only reason he got voted as president was because he's African-American (or half-African-American or whatever). There were a number of shows that would go out into communities and PURPOSEFULLY switch what the views of the candidates are. You know what the response always was? "Oh yeah! I love Obama! His views are just like mine!"

They didn't even KNOW what his views were.... It's just infuriating that what our Founding Fathers had intended as a way to keep OUT tyrants has just let one in because of ignorant people. I don't know... But we're 25% into our horrifying 4-year mistake.

My question: will whoever is voted in next (I don't care if he's Republican, Democrat, Independent, or whatever other parties try to spring up) be able to fix all the problems Obama has caused? I hope so...

Okay. I've been railing against Obama... Look. I'm glad he's trying to help the poor. But he's not helping the poor, just letting them be lazy... That's not helping... Have you ever had a friend that drinks or smokes or does drugs or cuts or something like that? Think about that person. Now, do you coddle them and "take some edge off" by giving them their substance or whatever? No. You get them help by taking them to a rehab center or flushing their cigarettes or draining their bottles or tossing all razors or whatever. They have to go through the pain to heal.

Paradox? yeah... But it's like the old analogy: for gold to become beautiful, it has to go through the fire.

*sigh* I'm sorry. I don't like politics at all, but I'm just so upset about what I see the USA becoming... Maybe Obama will do something that will completely turn around the road the States are headed down. That would be fantastic!

But right now, I don't have high hopes... :(


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Tanya said...

I have to say I don't think you know anything about Obama's policies or what his administration is accomplishing if you really believe this. I am wondering where you get this notion that he is putting an "Okay" stamp on being lazy. And I think the people who you saw saying that he believes what they believe, I think they probably have a much clearer understanding of what he represents than you seem to.