Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Thought: The Age of Stupidity (Movie)

Okay. This isn't my usual kind of post. But my boyfriend (whom I love so much ^_^ (sorry for gushing...)) found a movie on Hulu called "The Age of Stupidity." I haven't watched it yet. (Not really had the time (or maybe just the will?) to finish it... (Actually, I should be finishing my 635 page Sherlock Holmes stories collection...)) But it's all fictional (or so I think...). Anyway. In the movie, it talks about "The Global Archive." (Not only does it sound cool, the concept is cool.)

Fictional: "The Global Archive" 8 km North of Norway

Okay. The point of "The Global Archive" is to keep the entire history of the Earth captured in a tower centered in the Arctic Circle's frigid waters. Stored within its odd, cylindrical tower-ness are all of the media pieces: books, transcripts, videos, etc. stored on 1000s of hard-drives; a male and a female version of every species is displayed and cased; all inventions dreamt up by mankind have a place in "The Global Archive;" every painting is stored, whether the original or a copy.

How cool is that??

But can you believe it's not real?? I mean, oh sure we have museums like The Crystal Palace and any other art museum and we have zoos and whatnot. But why NOT an archive like this????

This is ignoring the costs... And the fact that villains would be trying to take over it all the time... And power hungry persons would be fighting over where to put it...

But! It just BAFFLES me that SOMEONE hasn't already thought of doing that! Maybe they have but because of the above reasons (or some others), it was never announced or something. It's just odd since humans are very focused on being known after death.

Why couldn't we just do that but make it a craft in space? Have it orbiting the earth? And then as new inventions are made and new paintings are created they add those new pieces to The Archive? It wouldn't be a space issue since it'd be up in space and they could just build on to the craft to add room. And they could just transfer the information over radio transmissions (or whatever the tech stuff makes sense for sending information to hard drives in space).

*shrug* I just think it's soooo odd that no one has started attempting a project like this! (It's not like it wouldn't be one of the first projects to be started with billions of dollars as the target cost.... >.>) Anyhow. Just saying! Random thought. Not 100% sure with where I was going with that otherwise.

NOW! Off to Gamestop to get Assassin's Creed II for $20!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (I'm hyper!)


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