Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halo: Reach

Okay. So last night, I went with DJ to get the newest addition to the Halo saga: Halo: Reach. First of all, I need to say that DJ got a GREAT deal! Wal-mart (there's no GameStops anywhere close to here, unless you consider an hour's drive close...) was giving a $20 gift card with the purchase of the game! PLUS, your choice of a poster or a beanie! (We got both, but I'll detail that in a sec.)

Anyway. So we went to Wal-mart at about..... 11:10ish. (DJ needed to get gas, so we went that early.) Well, there wasn't exactly a way to pre-order the game for Wal-mart (our Wal-mart, at least). So that was a little confusing to see the line and not know where to go. We ended up getting doughnuts and eating them by his car. But a guy from my Japanese class was in Wal-mart to get a Halo: Reach game, too. So he just tagged along outside with us. (We offered him doughnuts, so don't go thinking DJ and I were rude just eating doughnuts in front of him.) XP

But then we went back in Wal-mart about 12:05AM to get the game. We found out that the line we had seen was the line we were supposed to be in. (And the line had been REALLY short considering this was a HALO game, we're talking about. I mean, there were no more than 30 or 40 people in line, and a lot of them were just tag-alongs (like myself) to friends who were actually buying the game. So it probably was technically less than 40 who were buying it. BUT Wal-mart was giving away free stuff (Doritos that you could try, and the BEST? The beanie and poster I mentioned earlier!!), plus purchasers of the game getting the $20 gift card. (That basically means DJ bought Halo: Reach for $40 at Wal-mart.) XD
The border is not the same, but the picture is. Just imagine the Halo: Reach logo in the upper right with "Limited Edition" underneath it. :P
Not the real beanie, obviously. I had to super-impose the logo over some beanie I found online. So yeah.

DJ begrudgingly let me have the poster. :D Since the guy from my Japanese class gave DJ the beanie he had gotten for buying the game, DJ let me have the poster he got for buying the game. I love my boyfriend. :3 (Did I mention that he bought me the doughnuts I wanted? Even after I said that he shouldn't since I can't pay him back? Yeah. I'm extremely loved (and spoiled... can't forget "spoiled" hahaha). ^_^)

Okay. Now, I've reached the point where, after some chatting by DJ's car with the guy from my class, we go back to school. Yeah. It's 12:40 at this point. (Poor DJ... He had wanted to get back to his place ASAP so he could play Halo, and I made him wait 20 minutes because of talking... I'm sorry, my love.) So we leave the Wal-mart parking lot and get to the school (which only took 2 minutes, tops). It was ONE O'CLOCK by the time we parked. 1 O'CLOCK!! Talk about BS... Ugh... Don't get me wrong. I love my choice of college. But I do NOT regret having no car! (Well, I do when I want to do something but that's not the point.) There's absolutely no parking unless you wait until the weekend for everyone to go home. (It's a suitcase campus where at least 60 or 65% of the students here either live off campus within a 50 mile radius, or have homes that are not too far for weekend travel.) Then you MIGHT be lucky enough to get a good parking spot...

But anyway. We got to DJ's apartment and I watched him play CO-OP campaign (on legendary (yes, I said "legendary;" that's how awesome at Halo he is :3 )) with the guy from my Japanese class. It was 2:20 by the time DJ and I got to sleep. haha Poor DJ. But I think he's glad that he got to play it, regardless the time, and regardless the fact that he had an 8:00AM class this morning. heehee.

Well, I'll cut it out with all this Halo talk. (I'm a dork. I know.) ;)

Toodles, beautifuls!!



Daniel Hough said...

Hi Emily, just thought I'd let you know I've mentioned your blog on mine because it's so good!


Anonymous said...

I did not get your message, but you can mention me on your blog any time. Unless you are telling people to murder me or something. I never ask people if i can mantion them. I just do it! lol