Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I just found the "Stats" option in my Dashboard. It is SO FREAKING COOL!!!! And I feel absolutely stoked about my little 5 minutes of fame! hahaha! I know, I'm obsessed with being heard and known at least a little. It's probably very annoying.

But this section is SO COOL! I can't get over how cool it is! It shows from where I get visitors (the US, the UK, Japan, the Philippines, Russia, Norway, Finland, Italy, etc, etc.); it shows what OS they're using (Windows, Macintosh, etc.); it shows how often they've looked at my page, how many times different posts have been viewed, and at what times my post has been viewed; it shows what internet browser they're using (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, etc.); and all of these can be shown by "now," "day," "week," "month," "year," and "all time."

HOW COOL IS THAT??? hahahaha!! (I still can't figure out if the US is a darker green because that's where I live, or if it's because that's the country I get the most views from. But if you look, you can see that Canada, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Russia, Japan, the UK, Finland, and some other countries are a light green: this means that those are countries from which I have some views.) XD Awesome, awesome, awesome!
Anyway. You guys should totally check it out if you are as interested in that stuff as I am! :D

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