Saturday, September 11, 2010

"I'm a Real Boy!" -Pinocchio

Okay. So I just got back from lunch and a short walk through the Soy Bean Festival. (Yes, there's a festival for soy beans... >.> What do you expect? It's a rural town....) :P Anyway. I went with Sally (my roomie) and her best friend Melody. It was fun!

As you guys know, I don't really do a lot with other females... Something I know I brought upon myself. But it was nice to do that. Like I've said before, Sally is all cupcakes and pink and the total opposite of me. But I feel endeared to her. (Is that the right word?) Whatever. But I really like her. I want to become really good friends with her. Maybe I'm self-deluding myself out of desperation.... (Not to make it sound like I'd never want to be friends with Sally!! I would! But I am just saying that I hope I'm not making it seem like she likes me more than she does... She might just tolerate me... :/ But!! I shall refuse to think so glumly. She at least likes me enough to want to get to know me! That is a start and that's where all friendships start, right??) Anyway. I just want a female friend that's like Sally where it's shopping and goofiness and partying (not like alcohol but like crazy dancing to songs no one else would dance to) and clothes and fashion and boys. I want to be a "real girl" of sorts.

I like myself, though. So it'd be something that I can meld into my personality but not let dominate who I am now. I don't know. I'm babbling.

Either way, I really had fun and am entirely grateful to Sally and Melody for letting me go along. :) (I sat and sorta just watched them eat which had to be uncomfortable for the lot of us at first... >.> hahaha) But I think I did much better about not being so....up-tight about my impression on them. I acted myself, granted slightly subdued. (But I didn't try being a different, thus not being up-tight. I was myself but I'm sick and it's one of those things where they've known each other for a while so stories are new to me but not them and stuff. So thus I say subdued. Kk?) :P

Well, I'm listening to Anberlin's Dark again. Surprised? :D Didn't think so. hahahaha!!! But I told DJ yesterday that "You Belong Here" should be the song he and I dance to at our wedding. Guess what his reaction was? D: A vigorous shake of the head.... He doesn't want to! I cry blasphemy. :'( They're my favorite band. How could he NOT want to dance to them?? T-T ... He says he'll be tired of them by then... >.> hahaha. Highly likely. But I still want Anberlin incorporated into my wedding somehow. Maybe I'll put some of their lyrics on invitations or something. :D Yeah! They're so apart of my life, I just feel like I want their inspiration touching such special days of mine. *shrug* Is that bad? :/

Oh oh! Guess what! Writing of DJ, he actually read some of my blog! :D That made me feel special! (He's not 100% fond of reading, which, I guess, for him, is understandable.) So yeah. I was happy when he told me that. He actually read the post where I "painted" the picture of me being sick. hahaha! So yeah. XD I felt special. ^_^ And I had to share that with you guys. You probably don't really care, but whatevs. ("Whatevs" is one of the only stupid words that I'll use... I refuse to say "L-O-L" and crap like that... So I slide with this goofy word.) :)

Well, I really oughta get to my homework so that I don't feel like I'm dying under a boat-load of work this week. :)

Toodles, beautifuls!!!!!!!!!


I want her outfit. Especially the boots, arm guards, and the top! Bad APPLES!
P.S. I need to tell you about yesterday! DJ and I went to see Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D and it was AWESOME as a 3D movie!!!! Which is REALLY saying something for me because I HATE 3D movies... 3D anything for that matter. I haven't seen the first ones all the way through except for the second or third one? I saw Extinction all the way through, for sure. But yeah. So I need to have a Resident Evil marathon with myself because I didn't know there were characters from the game in all of the movies. I thought it was just this new one. haha! So yeah. But it was really, really cool! And the things they made 3D were tastefully done, nothing really over the top like when 3D was the new big thing and everyone was like "3D ALL THE TIME!!!" That was just head-pounding and tacky. So yeah. I recommend seeing the movie when you can!! (They have Japanese in it to. So that made it even better.) ;)

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