Friday, September 10, 2010


Have you ever had to do something that is pretty much pointless? Something that's meant for a more ideal situation? I'm sure you have.

And I have, too. More than once, but this is probably my least favorite pointless ideal item. The "roommate/suitemate" agreement form. Ugh... The point of it is to get roommates and suitemates to sit down and talk about different things: use of stuff, study times, sleep times, nap times, shower times, visitation times of same sex, visitation times of opposite sex, whether something is on or off during studying, homework, sleeping, etc, and a bunch of other crap... It's like "I don't go to bed the same time, I don't wake up at the same time, I don't always nap and it's never at the same time when I do, I shower at random times depending on my schedule, I socialize when I can, I listen to music almost always, I don't really much TV, I don't care who's over when or for how long, you can use my stuff but please let me know if you did or before you do, I don't care what's on or off while I'm sleeping or studying, and I'm not signing up for chores."

Yes. That was very bad grammar but I don't care. I mean, the running on of the form is about the same. So my sentence matches its pointlessness and running on-ness. Ugh...

And they threatened "disciplinary action!" I mean, come on. We're in college... I don't do well with threats. -.-

In less annoying news, I have sooooo much homework. Not necessarily right this moment but just in general. I don't know if I can handle it. x.x But I want to be able to. Call me stubborn and call me stupid. But I have a thing where if I got myself into the mess, I am getting myself out. Sure, I'll ask for help. And yes, I'll have a breakdown after a while. But whatever. I will survive. Period.

(I'm in a defiant mood.) :)

Umm... Oh. My cold or whatever it is? I think it's getting better. I mean, I'm still coughing, but it's the coughing that is trying to just get rid of all the gunk in the lungs and nastiness. I have been drinking sweetened green tea (because green tea is supposed to be healthier than black tea and it will hopefully help?). However, I've been eating Lucky Charms so that I could finish my milk off instead of wasting money. I love Lucky Charms. So I don't care that milk makes the phlegmy nastiness of someone worse when they're sick. :P

Right now, I'm kinda just writing to write. I don't really want to do the homework that I know I should... *sigh* Oh well. I'm gonna do Japanese. I at least like doing that. But first, I have to go talk to Dr. Brown about my philosophy paper topic. >.> We'll see how this goes...

Toodles, beautifuls!


P.S. I was just going to do one random photo and couldn't decide which won. So here's the other 2 I found. XD Awesome. hahaha!

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