Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Dorm, Mini Pepps, My Cat, and a Cold

What do these all have in common, you beautiful reader, may ask? Well, for starters, they're all in this post. Second, they're all something I have pictures of, except my cold. That's not a picture you'd want to see... >.>
Oh wait! I "painted" you guys a picture! hahahaha!

The red on the tip of my nose is from my having to blow my nose 100+ times a day... And I sneeze more than that. Yeah. I've been sick the last two days, today being worse than yesterday. It's annoying...

In other news, I'm in my second week of school. I really enjoy my classes, though they all pretty much have to do with lots of reading.... (I'm a slow reader, and that's my only snag with my classes thus far.) I'm kinda worried that I'm gonna be stressed out with trying to juggle classes, homework, my boyfriend, and friends. It'll be more likely if I have to get a job, too. Oh! AND I'm doing more clubs this year and trying to lose all the weight I gained this summer, too... T-T Anyway. Sally is really sweet. She and I get along really well, and the fact that she's outgoing is a complete relief because I don't have to do all the conversational effort. *whew!* She loves working out and I've met Nathan her boyfriend. (She and I need to set up a double date!) Umm... Oh! And I have window side of the dorm, whereas last year I had door side. Here's some pictures:

Bathroom door, vanity mirror, scarves, "kitchen" (which includes microwave, coffee pot, and fridge), and towels
My bed, posters, bed-side "table," and over-the-bed shelving unit with school books and binders
My Anberlin (♥♥♥) and Kingdom Hearts 2 posters ((Love, love, love!))
Closet door, window, my aloe vera plant (I forgot what I named it...), and the foot of my bed
My desk with my TV, laptop (Jiro), and a crap load of other stuff

My lovely dorm! I have a green and brown theme (tree shapes) with silver/gray accents. (Supposed to be silver accents, but I take gray if I can't get the item in silver.) Anyway. This is home sweet home and I love it!! (It's nice to be away from family....)

But I HATE being away from my baby!!! My kitty cat is all alone (not really...) at home.. I miss her so... :( Look how CUTE she is in this basket, as if saying, "I'm ready to go when you are. I'll just sleep here on the way there and while we live in Martin."

Isn't she the cutest?? (If you don't like cats, tough luck. :P)

But I bet you're wondering what the "mini pepps" are as mentioned in my title. Well, first, I need to explain what I do and how I found them. See, Martin doesn't really have much to do unless you have a car. (Thankfully, DJ does.) What it does have is fast food places, an expensive 6-screen theatre, and a Wal-mart. Yep. That's about it. Of course, there's all the stuff off Main Street, but those come and go and never stay open past 5PM (which is LAME)... Back to the Wal-mart part, though. DJ and I went there at least 5 times this past weekend. (I swear, there's nothing to do but go to Wal-mart, half the time... Especially on Labor Day weekend when everything is closed...) But DJ and I were looking at Lunchables and the other foods in that area, and guess what we saw! O.O

MINI PEPPERONIS! They were freaking adorable!!
I mean! Look at them! How cute are those?? I'd buy the bag just so I could eat them like that. :D
But they're expensive... As you can see by the price...

((And for those of you who'd disagree with me.... Imagine having only $40 in your bank account with no income... Now tell me if they're expensive or not. Or if they're at least necessary, which I think you'd agree, they're not... Which IS sad, I must add...)) :(

Anyhow. I need to go to bed. I keep blowing my nose while Sally's trying to sleep and it's disgusting, and at least while I'm sleeping, I won't feel bad for all the nauseating sounds I'm making... >.<

Toodles, beautiful!!!


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