Thursday, September 9, 2010

Anberlin, Ill, and Classes

Can you see what it's a picture of? :)
 First off, I got my download for Anberlin's new album "Dark is the Way, Light is a Place" (Dark). (And don't worry. I paid for it. I'm annoyed that I didn't get a tangible album... (I love liner notes) But I still got my money's worth with these guys' work!) Anyway. It's awesome! I've been going between homework, blogging, and reading the lyrics online while listening to the song. (But right now, I'm just playing the songs over and over.) I already had "Impossible" and "Pray Tell" on my computer (also both legally and honestly claimed) and I had listened to "We Owe This to Ourselves" a number of times. So I already know those three songs, for the most part. As usual, the lyrics (from what I've heard and the little I've read) are just as brilliant, thought-provoking, and inspiring as always! The music is also just as fantastic! It bothers me that I'm sick because I can't sing along and the vocals are freaking phenomenal!! I'd post one of the songs for you guys to listen to, but 1) I don't know how, and 2) I don't know how to keep people from using what I post to get the song for free... (assuming that's possible from a blog). ((It'd be great if someone could tell me how I could post songs like I've seen/heard on other blogs...))

Back to Anberlin. I definitely think all of you need to give this album a listen. Anberlin has a thing where they like to give each album a theme. Not every song focuses on that album's particular theme, but most of them go with it. Blueprints for the Black Market (Blue) is Man v. the World. Never Take Friendship Personal (Friendship) is Man v. Man. Cities is about Man v. self. New Surrender is about a new start after hitting rock bottom. (All of this comes from Wikipedia. (And yes, I know that site's infamy, but it's also a great place to get information in one place. The information just has to be rechecked through other sources.)) So this album is said to be about love and life (which I read from some info from Stephen Christian). Again, I say, LISTEN TO THEM! I don't care which album. Actually, listen to a song from each of the albums! "Readyfuels" is the single from Blue. "Paperthin Hymn" is a great song from Friendship. "The Unwinding Cable Car" and "A Whisper & a Clamor" are both fantastic choices to listen to from Cities, but I also like "(*Fin)." And "Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights)" is another wonderful song from the album New Surrender. So again, listen to any of those. And of course, you should listen to "We Owe This to Ourselves" from Stephen Christian's blog. Or you could just buy the whole new album! :D But each album is slightly (or more than slightly) different in sound, meaning, depth, etc. So, if you want the TRUE and FULL scope of Anberlin, listen to all of their works. ;) (But I understand that would take a lot of time...)
Okay. Enough about Anberlin, I guess... :( hahaha! Just teasing. I know I gush about them a lot. I'm sorry. That's how much I love them. Anyway. So I'm still sick right now. (As I mentioned earlier...) It was all nose-blowing Tuesday. Yesterday, I was just giving little half-hearted coughs... It's like something is stuck in my throat, but I can't cough hard enough (unless I force myself) to get rid of whatever it is... Today, I'm full-on coughing with gunk and everything. It's GROSS... I don't know whether this is a sign I'm getting better or worse, though... I felt like I had a really intense fever for a few hours Tuesday night, but then it subsided. So yesterday, I just had a little bit of a headache and a few sneezes and more coughs. But now, I'm coughing more... *shrug* I'm really not sure what to think. :(

Hopefully, I'm getting better? I've never been to the school nurse in my year that I've been here. It's kinda a pride and principle thing to not go to the nurse. I think she/he (not sure the gender) is free to students, but I'm afraid to take the chance... But I'm also afraid that I'm getting pneumonia (paranoid much?) and I don't want that progressing...

We'll see.
My classes are really good. I am a little (stress "little") more fluent in Japanese. I at least understand faster what my Sensei is saying when she speaks to me in 日本語 (that's kanji for "Japanese (language)"). I'm also really enjoying both of my philosophy classes. I get to think and share my own opinions and arguments. Same with English. I'm getting to be more creative with my thinking and stuff. (Still haven't written a paper yet, though... >.>) History is good, too. But I haven't been reading The Ramayana like I should have been... x.x I have a comprehensive test the 20th of this month. So I should probably get on that. hahaha!! But yeah. I really like my classes. Aaaand! I got the seminar speaker that I wanted, thank goodness. Hopefully, the paper for this guy will be easier, and I won't have to completely BS it. (I'm good at BSing. And I'm good at doing it in a way that isn't blatantly obvious. A skill that, while not the BEST, is at least helpful so that, as a worker, I'm always busy at a job, even if I'm not really sure I'm doing something that needs to be done right then. (I BS only if I have no idea what I should be doing or how exactly to go about doing something, like writing a paper about the chaos theory... >.>)) But yeah. I'm thinking this will be a good semester, too. :)

But I have to get a job. Thankfully, my mother gave me some leeway. I told her I didn't know if I could handle a job, plus school, plus lots of reading for homework (seeing as I can be a slow reader at times), plus a social life, plus clubs and karate... She said that I should still look, and if the prospective employer can't understand that I can only work for 10-15 hours a week, then I can just say, "Thanks. Have a good day," and then I can look elsewhere for a job. *shrug* We'll see. While being sick probably wouldn't be a good time to look for a job and give a good impression. :P But I have a place called the Asian Grill that is supposed to be hiring servers. Not sure if all the positions are filled yet, since I still haven't called, but that'll be one of my first calls when I get better. I also have to look in on departments here at school to see if they need a filer or typist or some other position filled. hahaha. Wish me luck! :D

Well, this is a REALLY long post. So I'll let you guys get on with your beautiful lives and let you free of having to read about my otherwise boring one. hahahaha!

xox to you all for being supportive of me!!


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The Adopted Anyone said...

anberlin is my absolute favorite band :]

cities is my favorite album, hands down, of all the albums i've heard in my lifetime