Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well, hello, mates! I need to say that I love when you guys comment. I'm sorry if I've made it seem otherwise. :( But I really do love comments.

This is a comment-loving blog!!  

Anyway. So all comments are appreciated.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so! Emily has a post on her (honest and rather hysterical) blog Ramblings of a Lonely Girl that specifically talks about comments. (Hers was kind of an inspiration for this post, if you will.) And if you ever happen to be reading Daniel's (awesome and sometimes hilarious) blog Into Geek, I know he loves comments, too! He has a nifty little, boxy image saying "I don't hate comments." So! I'm the same. Promise! :D

And I don't bite. (Okay... Maybe when I foam at the mouth and start getting all weird and... Oh wait. That's all the time. >.>) ((Just kidding about the "mouth-foaming." XP))

Seriously, though. I love when you guys tell me how you feel. I could be your psycho-therapist or something. hahaha! Or I could just be someone you agree with. Or someone that you connect with through similarities. Or you could tell me your stance on something. I don't know. I try to respond to comments, but I don't know always know where the best place would be... Just tell me where to respond! (If it was like Facebook, I'd just tag you. But that'd be weird, huh?)

But really. Part of why I write is because I like the dialogue. :/ It makes me feel like my ideas and my life matter when people willingly follow me and comment on my thoughts. I want your comments to make you feel the same. I want you to feel like I actually care what you say (WHICH I DO, in case it sounds otherwise x.x).

So please? I'm asking with cherries (or a cherry--->) on top! :D

So yeah. I'm not gonna keep drawing out the point. Post comments. LOVE MEEEEEE!!! --->

hahaha. (I tried to make it look as goofy as possible so that it's the obviously not-serious whining... >.> Was I successful or is it an epic fail? (Post your opinion in the space below! I won't hold it against you, if you say fail. I will actually laugh and agree, probably! hahaha!))

Anyway. I need to get back to my homework...  Boo.... ¬¬ 

(Finally figured out how to do those eye-like things!)

Well, toodles, beautifuls!!!



Daniel Hough said...

That picture just looks like you're trying to eat a slice of watermelon :P

♥mily said...

haha, actually i think it looks like a guy with a red mustache making a weird face.

we all like comments!

Isobel said...

Hey! I know this is ages (well, 9 days) after your actual post, but as a new blogger who is trying to overcome my commenting phobia I thought this was a good place to say hi and cool blog! Will definitely keep visiting, and commenting!

baDruleDunschooleD said...

omgoodness, thanks for commenting on my blog, i didn't even think anybody read it, that's kinda why i haven't posted in 3 weeks. but this is completely awesome, it means a lot.