Monday, August 9, 2010

School Soon

So I have only about 3 weeks til school starts. For some reason, the closer it gets, the more nervous I get.... I don't know why...

It's probably because I'm worried about the classes and having to go through the whole making friends again process and stuff... I'm not sure...

I had a nightmare that I was moving into my dorm for this year. But the day I was moving in, I had all my classes. So I was having to unpack and situate myself while watching the time and making sure I didn't miss class.

I was headed to my first class of the day when I was attacked or I saw a guy getting attacked and ended up running to the police station with the guy to report what happened. I missed class: 3 actually, of the four for that day.

But DJ had seen me with the guy and for some reason got really pissed off and wouldn't let me explain... He thought I'd put myself into another situation that could warrant me getting hurt. (Which I guess I had, but he had thought the guy was gonna try and hurt me...)

So I ended up missing my 4th class, too, because I was so worried about trying to get DJ's attention so that I could explain before class.

I woke up freaking out, thinking that it had been real. But then I realized it was a dream, so I started freaking out that that would actually become real.

Now, I move in the 28th, the third Saturday from now. My classes start on Monday. hahaha! So obviously, my dream can't come true.

But I'm still nervous about sleeping in late. For my 10:00 class? Yeah... I know...

I guess you can tell: I'm an excessive worrier... *sigh*

But it's not even just those kinds of things that are bothering me... It's the courses I chose to take...

2 honors courses (Brit. Lit. Honors and Development of World Civilization Honors); Intermediate Japanese (and I don't remember anything from the last 2 semesters... u.u); and 2 philosophy courses (one is a Junior level course (PHIL314) and the other the professor gives a lot of homework...)

So as you can see I don't have any "balancing" courses. (Balancing courses are courses that are technically "easy As" so that your GPA can stay up even if you don't do as well in the other courses.) I don't have good study habits... I'm worried I won't do well.

However!! I will take heart. Since I am so worried that I will, maybe I will be so determined that I won't. XD

Anyway. Thanks guys for all the support you've given me with your commenting and reading!!!! It means a lot!!!!



Kaila said...

Hey! Thanks so much for all the comments. It made me feel like someone actually cared about what I wrote other than me!

Are you going to be a freshman? Don't sweat it. It's a little intimidating at first, but it is SO MUCH FUN. You will love school :)

♥mily said...

I get what you are feeling. I move in the 26th and start on the 30th. I am more concerned about getting lost and not making friends. And procrastinating. But I am taking a couple of easier classes too so I am hoping I will be okay.

I hate those kind of dreams. But I usually know mine aren't real because I always make somebody have super powers or something lol.