Saturday, August 21, 2010

Konbannwa (Gah, My Roomaji spelling is dying... x.x)

Okay. So I pretty much failed at trying to spell "good evening" in roomaji of the Japanese language.... EDIT: It's "konbanwa." NOT good... Especially since I have my third semester of Japanese coming up and I....don't really remember a whole lot from my last 2 semesters. (The second one kinda went in one ear and out the other due to my mind being wrapped up in a major amount of unnecessary drama...) Sooo... I'm not looking forward to that because I truly respect my sensei and I think she is one of the best professors ever (right up there with Mrs. Peters). But by not remembering anything from the language that I'm going to be MINORING in, I feel like I've let her down. And I have (even if she doesn't know it yet) because you know why? I haven't been STUDYING! Oh my goodness, I'm a moron... But instead of, you know, actually getting up and at least trying to refresh my memory, I'm sitting here blogging (not too bad), reading (also not bad since I have to finish a fifth of this book and an entire other one after that by the 25th), watching TV (HORRIBLE on my part), and a number of other things that range from "necessary" to "understandable though not necessarily immediate" to "why the HECK did I just waste my time with that?" Peachy, eh?

Anyway. Apart from yet another problem I've caused myself (what can I say? I love a little challenge... *sarcasm*), I'm really getting extremely excited for school. It's only 6 days until noon on Friday. (That's the time and day I put down for when I'll be going with DJ to Martin. See: he has no idea what the plan is except that they're leaving Friday. So that means I have no idea what the plan is, which is a problem since it's not like I can just stay the night over there and have them wake me up an hour before we go so I can get ready. x.x) But I was hanging out with DJ this past evening, and since my brother had gone to the first football game of his last year in high school, my 'rents went out for the night. They must truly love me since they picked up a printer AND a lamp that I was needing for my dorm. At no cost to me? Possibly, which adds even more to the whole "gift" thing. (I'm grateful!! Don't get me wrong! I just hate being dependent upon my parents as a jobless 19 year old...) That was exciting for me, though.

One more thing before I go to bed: I recently put up a post (Beautiful reader: "Umm... you mean this last one? Well, duh, then..."  Crazed M: "Shush... None of your sass." :P ) mentioning that I'm thinking of starting an advice column blog. (A blog-umn! (I really have no idea why I like that fake word... >.<)) I have gotten a few (and highly appreciated!!!) responses saying that I should. ♥mily added some good advice about frequency of posts, which I will no doubt take to heart. I'm still looking for some more responses, just in case there is a good, sound argument stating in terms I cannot avoid or dismiss why I shouldn't. I mean, I could come up with the argument on my own, I'm sure. But I think my more hopeful side would add a little too much bias. (Sh, sh... It's okay, Negative-side. Her words can't hurt you.)*

Anywho. I guess that's it for now. I shall now relieve you of the insanity. (Hey wait! You're the one that kept reading... >.>) Off to bed (or in my current instance, "COUCH") I go for some light sleeping. :P Sweet dreams (or day dreams for those of you diurnal persons)!

A bow to the Beautiful as I say good night. ^.^


*I have officially gone off the deep-end on too little sleep. >.>

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