Thursday, August 5, 2010

Revamp: I can't... x.x

Wow. That almost rhymed....

But seriously. The point of this otherwise pointless post: I am tragically in need of a revamping of my blog. I mean, LOOK at it... It's all pink and purple and red. And don't get me wrong. I chose it. I chose it because I DO like it. But it's not me. And it's rather bland when you look at it.

SO! I need help from my 7 faithful (hopefully? :D) followers. I have read blogs like Ramblings of a Lonely Girl and Hyperbole and a Half and I can't help but feel....blah.

Okay. So I'm not taking it that personally.

I've just been inspired to change my blog. And this is my 31st post. So after 30 posts, doesn't that mean it's time for a makeover??
 (<--- Smiley)

So, I was hoping you guys could help me.  Because you guys are awesome.

And yeah. That's about it. I need tips, advice, hints, suggestions,.......someone to do it for me >.>

Anywho. THANKS!


1 comment:

♥mily said...

i just click on random stuff until i think it looks good lol. good luck with your revamping!