Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh Brother...

Well... I have a fascinating week planned.

Okay. Fascinating is more an ironical term for just today. The rest of the week isn't so bad.

Today, I go see a gynecologist. (I definitely didn't spell that right the first time. Thank you, Spellchecker!!) I'm uh... absolutely NOT looking forward to it... but what female would look forward to her first gynecologist check up? Anyway. I don't think anything's wrong, but that's what check-ups are for, I guess. So we'll see. Maybe I can get my hormones figured out and not be such a bi-polar psycho (unofficially). :D And I'll get to see DJ afterward. So that's always a plus. :)

Well, tomorrow, Mum and I are going to Martin so look for job openings for me, see if I can get myself a position at the library or the local Snappy Tomato, pick up applications for places. Something. I just REALLY need a job. And I mean REALLY! I am flat broke except for whatever money my parents put in my account to keep me from overdrafting... x.x I was extraordinarily unsuccessful at ensuring a job this past summer... So now, on top of my 17 hours of classes and 34 hours of studying (suggested amount), I have to get a job... :/ Don't take this the wrong way. I'm not complaining so much as I am worrying. See. I know that it can be done, juggling a job, school, the beloved, and whatever else Life throws at a person. However, all those people that have done it before me, are NOT me... I am not a studier... I enjoy hanging with people more than doing schoolwork which is bad when it comes to school... And I have a bad time of keeping priorities straight in a moment... So I'm extraordinarily worried that I'm going to have a terrible GPA or something... X.X God save me, I might not die... >.>

(Off to my appointment!!)


Okay. It's now 11:19PM on Wednesday, and I started this post Tuesday at 2:00PM. Back to talking about my week.

So today, the reason I haven't had a chance to get back to it yet was because I was in Martin all day with my mum. Actually! I got to meet my amazing roommate face-to-face!! We (my mum, her mum, Sally, and myself) all had lunch at a place called Perkins! It was awesome! We spent almost 2 hours there just talking! It was fantastic!!!! Anyway. Mum and I had gone to Martin so that I could look for a job. Surprise, surprise: no luck...  Story of my life when it comes to jobs for whatever reason.... -.- But yeah. I'm pretty tired from the whole day: emotional and physically draining. The 3 hour drive there and then driving 3 hours back...

So yesterday was kinda a drag, though... (Yesterday as in Tuesday.) Because I had that gynecologist appointment (which wasn't AS bad as I thought), and then I went to hang with DJ. But Scott and Ryan were there, too... Not that I'd typically mind. I just was wanting to be with DJ, hanging by ourselves... I was in another of those anti-social moods... :/

But tomorrow, DJ and I are gonna hang out. Just him and me and a movie. And popcorn. :) I'm looking forward to it. We haven't had a chance to just chill the two of us for a while... So, tomorrow is gonna be good. We can talk or just sit and watch the movie or play ZombieRun on DJ's new phone. XD

Then Friday, umm.... Not sure about that one.... Forgot what I have planned... Ummmmmmmm....... Grr...
But Saturday, I'm going with our family friends to help move the newest college kid into his dorm. haha! A 3 and a half hour drive. That'll be fun. :D Leaving at 8:30 in the morning to help him get situated while hanging with my "extended family." ^_^ Awesome!!

So that's my week thus far! I should probably go to bed. (It's Thursday, now that I'm about to post this... >.>) But yeah. Good night, guys!!!


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