Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random List and The Beautiful That Grace My Otherwise Pointless Blog :)

Well, I did at least one thing on my "Random List" from my last post. I washed the pillows and dried them. Well, mostly dried them. I'm currently re-washing them, seeing as the 50 cents I spent to have them fully dried only did about 66% of the work... >.> But oh well. Let's see if I did anything else...
All right, then. Looks like I have one thing done (I'm not counting 13, of course.) Umm... Yeah. I didn't clean out the fridge because my mum came out to the living room at that point and I didn't want to do something that I knew she thought she had convinced me to do. (I'm too proud and stubborn to do like I'm asked right away.) 

Oh. And I need to add a "17) Mow what's left of yard." I HATE mowing the yard. All caps!! And it's partially because my parents don't even do it at all, typically! My mum did the back today. But she complained of heat exhaustion... I don't think all of it was real. I think a lot of it had to be just because she didn't want to be out there, so her mind made her body think it was worse than it was. Because she'd do something like that. DJ says we're not having a yard when we're older. I agree for the most part. I want just enough that our house isn't on the street, but whatever there is, I'M NOT MOWING. I'll gladly help along another person's landscaping business. If they can do that job willingly, they're welcome to do so. I'll show them my respect by paying them for their bravery and choice to tend yards. I intend to put a colorful sign out in my yard to let people know who I'm trusting to tend it.

Anyway. I'm extraordinarily tired.... I'm glad that I don't have much longer until school. I'm very ready to go sleep in a bed. I guess technically I could sleep on my bed now. But I have to wash the sheets after the not-so-clean pillows have been on them. So I that almost defeats the purpose of clearing off my bed. >.> *sigh* I'm complaining a lot. I'm sorry. I've been grumpy lately. Between being a girl and a lack of sleep... Not that those are excuses. I should be able to keep my temper. However, they're explanations for the shorter-ness of my temper. :/

Well, good night, I guess. Thanks for reading. I can't imagine many of you care enough to want to read my ramblings, but if you do, it means a lot. It makes me feel like people besides my boyfriend (whom I love) and my family (whom I do not like) care. (This excludes friends because I do not see nor talk to many often enough. Partially my fault. But I will leave it at that.) So thank you again. You guys are beautiful to me in the kind of way that a bond between bloggers (posters and readers) can cause. Thus, I have named you all "The Beautiful." Thank you, beautiful people, for your kindness and thoughtfulness (and perseverance, of course) for reading whatever it is I tap out.


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