Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monsters, Murderers, and Mankind

There are many reasons why persons murder: jealousy, hatred, love, revenge, and more.

But those aren't the only reasons... Why are people so afraid of serial killers and monsters?

Because they kill for no reason other than to kill.

Mike Meyers (Halloween), BTK?

They didn't have a reason for their acts. And that's terrifying.

Anyone at any time could be the victim of their twisted "desire." And that's what is so terrifying, I think...

What's this have to do with mankind? Just the fact that we're at a loss what to do about them... It doesn't matter a person's environment, necessarily. (That's not me saying it has "no effect." But there are a number of stories where a person grows up in a "perfect" home, but they turn out rotten. On the flip side, there are people from horribly dysfunctional homes that are some of people's best friends because they're so awesome or something. :)

So we just have to be aware of the "signs," I guess.... :/

Now, just so you all know, I didn't write this because I wanted to scare anyone! I was just thinking... So yeah... I mean, I watched Halloween 1 and 2 by Rob Zombie with DJ and I started crying during each movie....just from the sheer reasonless-ness of all the killing. I was horrified...

Monsters like Mike Meyers and zombies and whatever else are scary because they kill senselessly. At least, that's why I'm terrified.


P.S. Sorry for the flood of posts. It seems I don't blog for a couple days, then swarm my blog with a number of new posts. hahaha!

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