Sunday, August 8, 2010

Room Update

Lame? Why yes, I absolutely agree. hahaha! But I'm bored. :p And I have a LOVELY (note: sarcasm) picture... >.>

So, I have vacuumed my floor and adjusted where I placed all the items I have for school around. So now my floor looks awesome! But uh... The corner? Well, it's getting better... But here's a picture of BEFORE the bleach water spritz I'm applying to get rid of the nastiness... Anyway. Here's the picture:


This is my reaction for it even being there:

It's so disgusting... Why must it be there? (Wait. Don't answer that... >.>)

Anyhow. On to less disgusting matters, I have seen Predator (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) for the first time in my life!! Not bad. :) Did you know they made the blood of the Predator from KY jelly and the insides of glow-sticks??? Talk about nasty, but inventive.

And?? My mum and I are finally finishing up the mattress for my loft! Awesome, no? :D But my fingers are so sore... x.x And I felt like Sleeping Beauty, pricking my finger so many times... >.< Oh well. It's a good home project. ^.^ (I love doing stuff like this.)

Well, I'm tired. Gonna read some more of my The Dresden Files book. :P Good night, beautiful readers!


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