Sunday, August 15, 2010


Salutations, beautiful!

Just gotta say that yesterday went perfectly fine. We made it back whole and alive! :D Kyle got situated into the dorm pretty well. His roommate never came while we were there. So Kyle might get a room to himself.
I wish my school provided a fridge and microwave like his does.... >.> And a dresser. That would completely cut back on what I need to buy/take. But whatever. I love my school. Mine is like... 2/5 the size of his. Which suits me absolutely fine. I can run into professors I had my first semester and they'll still greet me as if I'm in their class because they recognize me! XD It's awesome.
But there were SOOOOO many cars yesterday... x.x And I hate city driving. I will never, ever change my mind about that. But now I REALLY, REALLY canNOT wait for my school to start! I want to be moving into my dorm again!

The drive was treacherous, though... Ms. Sindy (I love her like my mum, don't get me wrong) couldn't keep the van straight... It's not her fault. Our van's wheel alignment is off, so she'd adjust but then over-adjust at times... Since my tire blowout....I've been a terrified idiot whenever I go on the interstate. It's horrible. And the drive BACK was WORSE! Massive hills (so really steep declines of road), rain, darkness, and the stupid wheel alignment problem. All of that was causing me to be tense and freaking out... :(

At the end of the time at Kyle's school, Ms. Sindy, Em, and Kyle's girlfriend were all crying... I felt bad for not crying... But... I think part of it has to do with the fact that I didn't even cry about leaving MY family.... was kinda a "I did this and I understand what all of this is like" type thing. If that makes sense?

Well, I'm kinda scatterbrained. I just wanted to give an update about taking Kyle to school. Oh. And one more thing, I stayed with Em since she's had a rough past couple of days... Not only did her brother go to college, but she didn't have a fantastic first day of school among other things. So we watched Titanic (her somewhat 2nd favorite movie (her 1st being Toy Story 3 barely leading)) while eating theatre butter popcorn, colored in her Toy Story coloring book, and then talked about her past days. It was fun. I didn't realize Titanic was actually pretty good (that had been the first time I'd ever seen it). And it was good to hang out with her since she's kinda like a younger sister, and since I go to school soon, too, it was good to get some more hang time together. ^.^

Well, I gotta go do chores. Catch you beautiful people later! ;)


EDIT - 9:00PM Aug. 15, 2010: I just remembered I was gonna tell you guys about the Hoss. My dad fixed it. "'Fixed' it" is a better way to put it... hahaha! He took one of those thick plastic folders, traced the shape of the brake-light cavity in the tail light, then used clear packing tape to attach the folder and cover the blinker-light cavity in the tail light. I gotta say: I love my dad. He's hilarious, and that humor bleeds into his other traits: such as his resourcefulness. hahaha! So now, anyone who needs to drive the van is no longer in danger of getting a ticket. :) As for the insurance? I have no idea... We (that is, whoever drives the Hoss) may still be in danger of getting our licenses suspended for a year... -.- And you know what? It's partially the stupid insurance company's fault. They still haven't sent us a proper form of proof of insurance to us... Know what that means? We play it dangerous and just make sure we don't get pulled over! hahahaha!! Anyway. Just wanted to add what I'd forgotten. :3

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♥mily said...

i get the whole being nervous in cars thing...i had a fender bender (my fault) so my car's front was all smooshed. then i was driving my mom's van a week later and the tire just fell off while i was driving on the interstate. that was fun *insert sarcastic tone here* it took me a long time to be able to be comfortable in the car, no matter who is driving or how far.