Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LittleBigPlanet: The World of Our Dreams

Okay. I would just like to say I LOVE the concept of LBP! I mean, our dreams are siphoned out and collected to make the world of the sackpeople. It's an idea that's been thought of before, but has been further developed in this lovable and hilarious video game.

I want to make a sackperson!

It'd be amazing! Anyway. It's just an adorable game that I'd highly recommend for a laugh. My dad has been extraordinarily stressed lately, but he played LittleBigPLanet with Spencer and my brother and had a blast!! It was great to see him laughing so heartily. ;3 

Laughing is, as is unofficially suggested, the best medicine! Not only that, but it's good as a calorie burner. It's supposed to burn as many calories in an hour as you burn in 30 minutes of exercise. I mean, think about it!! You could spend 30 minutes sweating... x.x Or an hour bustin' it up with your friends, having a good time!! :D

I'd definitely choose the latter! XD

I still really want to make a sacperson! They're adorable!!



Anonymous said...

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Emily said...

I'm willing to try, though I admit I don't know how to exchange links. But since you posted as Anonymous, I'm also not sure how to contact you other than this way. :(