Friday, August 20, 2010

Random (and Maybe Awkward)

Hello, Beautiful people!

So a slight thing. I feel like I'm an insane blogger. Haha. I'm not periodical and the way I write jumps around. :P

Actually, it's coming to my attention that I probably truly am insane. >:D I mean, I mumble to myself and argue with myself and talk to myself, essentially. Also, I was (am?) convinced I wasn't (am not?) insane (which is usually a sign that one is insane). ;) hahaha!! And I could probably make a psycho-therapist question if I'm bi-polar. Plus, I psycho-analyze myself. *slight pause* ....... >.> Odd. I know. :P

The best part? I find it exciting! ^.^ heeheehee!! But the gynecologist? She prescribed Zoloft... >.> I say, "Whyyyy?" o.n It's supposed to be for the crazy PMSing I have. (That's when the psychologist questions if I'm bi-polar. heh) Sooooo.... I might be taking that medicine that is advertised by that cute little depressed blob while I'm at school. To wonder what will happen... hahaha
Ooh, ooh!! I found a picture on Google Images that I might have to start posting when/if I take the Zoloft (since I actually got the prescription filled (though by accident) today).

Bahahahaha!! It'll be awesome! XD

So Anberlin posted a chance to download another of their songs off their latest album Dark is the Way, Light is a Place called "Pray Tell." That was great! I listened to it (though in passing) and it's really awesome!! I get more and more excited about this album! Totally stoked!!!!

Okay. My mind is really scattered as of late. It might have something to do with the fact that I'm still sleeping on the couch. (That makes it.....what? 2 and a half weeks since I started sleeping here? So I'm not getting a lot of sleep lately. You know, I hear lack of sleep causes insanity to ensue. Hmmmm.... Coincidence? I think NOT! Hrm hrm... Yes. Quite. :P Anyway. So my mind is scatterbrained...

Like..... my gynecologist appointment last Tuesday? Yeah. That's when she prescribed the happy pills. :) Also! I got a test done and let me tell you: it sucks to be a girl. Don't get me wrong, there's no sex change in my future. I like being a girl. But sometimes? It REALLY sucks. x.x Anyway. Moving on. Sorry guys. Heh. But yeah. I had to get blood work done which I had done this past Monday. I had to fast for 8 hours before they drew my blood. I didn't eat for 14 or so. haha. Sonic, for the win. ;D But then I had a follow up gynecologist appointment this latest Tuesday and she prescribed me another thing: Yaz. Now, I've heard some stories about it, and I've seen those STUPID lawyer commercials about it, so I'm a little nervous. But eh... if all these female things get leveled out, I'm willing to take the chance for now. :P This semester of school'll be interesting with all these drugs! o.o ("All" as if I'm taking so many. *eyeroll*)

Anywho. Well, I have about 7 days. The plan for next Friday (not tomorrow Friday) is that I'll be riding with DJ to Martin, so that I can help him and his parents get him moved into his apartment room. I'm stoked! And then my parents are coming along later in the day with the Hoss loaded down with all my stuff so that I can move in Saturday. (My parents and I are staying at a motel Friday night.) I canNOT wait!!! DJ's gonna be busy all weekend with FYI (First Year Initiative), a thing for freshmen (who took the necessary class) to help get acclimated to the environment of college and particularly UTM. But that's okay. I'll get to hang out with Sally (once she moves in) which'll be great! :D

Oh my GOODNESS I'm so excited for next week!!!!!

Oh, oh! And? I working on getting a little prepared for college. I did a load of laundry (doing the rest next week) to start packing my stuff for school. It's kinda nerve-wracking because last year? I packed to be gone. I wanted nothing of my stuff left at my house (which was impossible anyway but I still tried...). So I had packed all the clothes I'd need for fall, winter, and spring. Not the best strategy when you only have so much luggage and dorm space. But this Saturday, I'm going with Ms. Sindy and my mum (and I'm not sure who else) to buy a microwave (almost an absolute necessary), a printer (ultimately easier if not cheaper, though I'd like it to be able to last me the next 4 or more years), and a shelf to put my wonderful (and STILL living) aloe vera plant on! Oh! And maybe some jeans! Hopefully, some jeans... So that'll be nice.

Well, umm.... I have no idea what else to type about. Umm... Yeah. This post is really long anyway. Sorry guys. >.> Thanks for sticking with my rambling!

Toodles, Beautiful!


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