Thursday, August 5, 2010

Misery Loves Company

About the revamping really quickly: I'll get to that when I can. :P

Anyway. I was just thinking... I actually was messaging one of "The Beautiful" (see right for explanation) and saying how I'm glad I have someone to relate to when she was saying that she understood my Just One of Those Days... u.u post.

It made me think: are we all sadistic to a degree? I guess it wouldn't surprise me. I mean, look at World War II, and I don't just mean the Holocaust... The whole thing was a time for sadistic fantasies to play out... Actually, war is in general. That's probably why psych-evals are needed for people going into government (among other reasons, I assume).

Anyway. It's just weird. I mean, I wasn't glad that this person was familiar with a similar, not-so-happy situation. But what else am I meaning when I say "I'm glad that I'm not the only one...?" (Which is a phrase I've used before, not really thinking...)

I don't know what a better way to put it would be. I guess... "Thank you." For understanding and offering me the solace that you understand. Right? Would that be acceptable?

Sorry. It's almost tomorrow of yesterday which would make it today, so I'm kinda tired since it's the early after late. Well, night! ;D


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