Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh What a Night...

Hey, guys. This is gonna be a short post. I just have to complain/rant about my night...

Okay. First off, tomorrow, I am going with my family friends to take their next college kid to, well, college. I'm helping him move in, along with his mum, girlfriend, and sister. It's a 3 hour drive, and we're leaving at 8:30AM. (I should be sleeping since I'm gonna be driving.... but whatever.)

Anyway. Well, my family went with Ms. Sindy to eat at Logan's for dinner. We had taken both our Hoss (Dodge minivan) and the Impala to their house to pick Ms. Sindy up. We took the Impala to go to Logan's. (I'm staying at their house for the night since we're all leaving so early...) Well, Mitch noticed that the right tail light on the Hoss is missing. Not chipped with chunks of red plastic still there. Just gone. Like it was stolen or popped off. We go to Logan's not thinking about it. Well, then Mitch and I had to go vacuum the Hoss when we all finished eating at Logan's. That was fine. It only took $2 and about 10-20 minutes of work. However, next I had to take Mitch home, grab my stuff for the night, and then drive back to Ms. Sindy's so we could load Kyle (the college kid)'s stuff into the Hoss.


What happens? As Mitch and I are driving home, blue lights start flashing in my rearview mirror. -.- It's a cop. Why was he pulling me over? The freaking tail light!! Ugh... I mean, it's not like it was my fault, and there certainly wasn't anything I was going to be able to do about it! But by some TN statute (as stated by the kind cop), we must have a cover any light. (I asked (because I was curious) if it had to do with blinding people on accident. He said he didn't know and that's when he quoted the statute thing...) Anyway. That particular cop now knows that I don't have a gun permit among whatever else dispatch said, and he also said that I could get my license suspended for a YEAR because of the insurance in the van. (It's only the temporary card because my parents have kept forgetting to put the real proof of insurance in the glovebox... -.-)

Gah... I'm very unhappy.... Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. (Minus, the fact that I'm still freaking terrified about my blow out and driving on the interstate and whatnot....) Oh. And it's gonna be over 100 degrees. But other than that, I hope it'll be lots better than tonight.

Thanks for reading my rant. Sorry if I sound whiny.. (I am kinda whining...) Night!


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♥mily said...

that sucks! i hope everything turns out okay with your license and everything.