Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cross-eyed Can't Happen...

Okay. So I had an eye exam today so that we could get a new prescription of contacts and order me another half-year or year's worth of pairs. We went to a new eye doctor and they were extraordinarily nice, and the receptionist even laughed when I said ironic things and tried to be funny. (It's also nice to know I can make someone laugh on purpose instead of just being stupid and hoping I'm funny.)

Anyway... So we went through the procedure: paperwork, puff machine, "read the smallest line," "one or two... three or four...," and on. They did 2 things I really hate about seeing the eye doc. The puff machine and dilating of my pupils. x.x If you've had an eye exam, you probably know what I'm talking about. The one machine where you look at a green (that's what it's been for me all those times, at least) light and then wait with your eyelid flickering in anxious anticipation for the annoying puff of air. It doesn't hurt; it's just startling, and thus extraordinarily annoying. The dilation thing you probably also know if you've had at least one eye exam. They put some drops in your eyes, that dilate (or make larger) your pupil so that the doctor can see to the back of your eyes to make sure there's not anything like scars or something. There's honestly no problem with having your pupils dilated. It's just annoying. Like the puff machine.

I mean, I have an astigmatism in both my eyes. But it's a 3-step one in my left, meaning that I should have a certain kind of contact/glasses lens for my left eye while my right can have regular kinds. But because of my left eye's astigmatism, it can't focus on things close up. So I can't read text messages on my phone unless I hold my phone a foot and a half from my face. So again. Nothing painful (minus the headache I'm getting from increased light intake to my retina); it's just very annoying.

But my title? Because my eyes can't focus, I'm saying that I can't cross my eyes. I mean, if I hold my finger in front of my nose by 2 inches and it looks blurry but I know both my eyes are looking at my finger, I feel validated to say I can't cross my eyes. :P I know. I'm weird. (Maybe that's why I have such a small (but obviously wonderful! ^.^) audience. I scare people away. So thank you for not letting me scare you away.)

My headache is making me feel a little loopy. >.>

So I have.... about..... 2 days until I am back in Martin. 3 until I actually move into my dorm room. I'm really, really excited. But I'm also beginning to feel the crunch from not being 100% ready... Oi... I suck at time management... I have a number of things to do.

And I know those are a bunch of little things. But it's still a lot. Thus, I say, "Thundercats! Ho!!" Okay. That had nothing to do with it, whatsoever... Eh... whatever.


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