Friday, August 13, 2010

School Prep.

I have only 2 weeks until I finally move out!! (Shh... Don't tell my mum I'm so excited!) But I also realized how much I have to get done... x.x
1. Finish the mattress for my loft. (Which is painful because my mum and I are doing all this sewing by hand, using 2 2" thick pieces of foam, lots of batting, and eventually canvas for the cover. I had 10 pin holes in my fingers due to trying to attach the batting to the foam with one of those wicked-looking, curved needles.)
2. Clean my room so I have somewhere to pack and whatever else.
3. Make a list of all that I need to pack.
4. Pack all that is on my list. Do laundry.
5. Pack all that is on my list.
6. Unpack to make sure I didn't miss anything when my mum inevitably starts naming things to bring which I will not remember if it's in the luggage (or how much of it if I do remember it's in my luggage).
7. Try to put back exactly as I had it all what I'd just pulled out....
8. Transfer all of my game info from my brother's Xbox to DJ's Xbox (so I don't have to redo all of my games...)
9. Buy a cupcake for Sally as a surprise (since she loves cupcakes!). (This will be done the day before or day of heading to Martin.)
10. Make sure the van is cleaned out so that I can take put all of my packed things in the van.
11. Go over all the things I'd need 2 or 3 more times to make sure I didn't miss or forget anything.
12. Cram all my stuff into the van.
Hmmmm... Did I miss anything? Possibly. But I realize that's probably not really a lot. But it's one of those things where it seems like a lot. *shrug*

I'm freaking psyched, regardless!! ^-^ I actually met Sally face-to-face. She's wonderful! (Wanna hear/read a secret? I honestly never thought I'd ever meet someone named Sally. hahaha) She and I are almost completely opposite. She's wholly girly-girl who hangs with mostly guys. I'm a slight tomboy who hangs with mostly guys. She's extraordinarily fit and skinny and drop-dead gorgeous. I'm not fit and not really skinny and just kinda pretty. She was a high school cheerleader and did beauty pageants. I was in marching band (big mistake, though) and didn't really do anything.


I love it!! I mean... I was one of those kids that HATED the cheerleaders, the athletes, the "popular" kids. (And sadly, those feelings are residual in my second year of college... Horrible, I know... u.u) But I'm looking so very forward to getting to know her more. I never really took the time to get to know any of those kids... And I'm okay with that, considering the kinds of people I went to school with. However, I don't think that the generalization should have kept me from trying to get to know some of them... :/

Anyway. I'm looking for this to be an amazing experience. :) I just hope I don't scare her off of being a friend of mine.... :(

Well, I guess I'll stop babbling. Talk to you guys later! Thanks for following me! It makes me feel important to more than my bubble of the world! Thank you very much! ;D


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