Monday, August 2, 2010

It's Not Dandruff! I Swear! It's uh.... snow! In 97 degree Weather.... Uh huh!

Random title, but I was combing my hair after my shower and I either am recovering from my sunburn in the part of my hair or I really do have dandruff... x.x

Anyway. Gross, I know.

So I realize I'm writing within what?... an hour? of my last post. Bah. Anyway, I am giving a heads up to the fact that my blogging style might change. I am too lazy to make a second blog and I am too one-track-minded to remember them equally. But I want to write more and am not necessarily in "that" mood to always write "philosophically." (I say "philosophically" because that's the best way I can describe my contemplative pieces (or maybe it's wishful thinking...). So yeah.)
If my writing becomes more..... "daily update-ish" I hope you'll bear with me in my odd days and my even odder ways. :3
Now to go ATTEMPT to clean my room. Reading a number of posts by ♥mily and some others about room cleaning has made me decide to get off my butt and go actually clean it. Or start to. (I've been sleeping out in the living room, on the couch for the past.... week? or more because I have a crap load of pillows and blankets on my bed that needed to be washed and cleaned like the rest of my room.) (By the way, NEVER, EVER pile pillows up in a corner of your room!! You might be jailed by the FDA (or paid?) for attempting (unknowingly) to grow a penicillin-mold farm... x.x)
Off to work! (I sound so chipper.)


P.S. ♥mily, I will remove the link if you wish. But I like to give credit where credit is due. :)

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♥mily said...

Thanks, but I like links. Good luck with your room cleaning! I started mine like, what, a month ago and it's still not finished! lol. Hope yours goes better. and faster.